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Furs need to socialize too! Exciting news!

Casey here – if you haven’t guessed, I’m the North 10605571_0_600_400Metro blogger – apparently I just have more to say!  I know what you’re thinking…and it’s probably true, I’m the…..verbal…..one of this group.

Anyway, we’ve got some exciting stuff coming up.  Launch day is right around the corner and the holidays are fast approaching.  We’re running the Broomfield Turkey Day 5K (here’s to hoping it’s not zero degrees that day!) and we’re hosting a Yappy Hour for the Arbour Commons community.  If you live in Arbour Commons and you’re reading this – please come and eat some food!

Yappy HourWhat’s a Yappy Hour?  It’s a fun event where you get to bring your furkid and socialize with other furkids and furparents.   Generally there are treats for the furs and humans, drinks of some sort, prizes and lots of doggy kisses!

We can’t wait to host this event and meet all the furkids we haven’t already met in our community!  Want us to host a Yappy Hour in your community?  We’d LOVE to!  Call, text or stalk us in the grocery store – we can’t wait to meet you!