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Turkey Day 5K and your furkid’s workout plan…

Everybody is planning for the holiday – the grocery store is a madhouse, you’re packing to travel to family across the country or you’re secretly looking forward to the most fun 5k of the year.  Any way you look at it – the holidays are here and we’re all doing something aRunning-with-Dogbout it!

Here at North Metro Pet Services, we are getting ready for a busy week pet sitting and dog walking for those of you who have trusted your furkids with us – we’re happy to spend our holiday with your furry friends while you’re out visiting family, traveling or getting in that first weekend at the slopes.  We’re grateful that you trust us with your furry family while you spend happy times with your human family!

One new thing for us this year is the Turkey Day 5k in Broomfield!  We can’t wait to get up in the dark, put on every layer we can and go spend the morning with a few thousand of our neighbors!  Ok – well maybe some of those things would be better if it was going to be 60 degrees instead of 25 but no complaints here, it’s going to be fun!  It’s our first Thanksgiving 5K and we promise it won’t be the last!routine

As we prepare for this week, we wanted to remind you that we offer dog jogging services.  Do you tend to run indoors during the cold weather?  Does your furkid need to get out a little more?  Would a 1 or 2 mile jog benefit both your pet’s daily life and your after work sanity?   Contact us today to schedule a run 1 or 3 or 5 times a week!  We’ll come by in the daylight hours and take your furkid out for some fresh air!

Holiday Travel can be awesome for your furkids too!

Working hard!Hey everybody, we’re excited to be officially launching North Metro Pet Services, LLC today!  Seth has finished his responsibilities with this old career and has officially moved to full time Furkid caretaker!  We are enjoying our first few clients and meeting lots of new furkids along the way!

Now that we’re officially launched you will see us out and about more often – maybe even in your neighborhood!

Now that Halloween is behind us and we’ve experienced the time change, holiday planning is officially here!  Are you heading out of town to see family?   Do you have plans that span more than 8 hours away from home but will still be in town?  Let us help!  We’ll fill up fast so schedule early but we’re here for overnight or multi-day services and single potty break visits.  Let us help you make this holiday season a little lower stress for you and your furkids!