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Furkid report cards, services menu & frozen custard…

My name is Casey (yep, I’m the other half of this show!) and I’m a hipster kitty cat wanna be!  See, I found this cute picture just for your viewing pleasure.

nerdy cat working on paperwork

Why am I a hipster kitty cat wanna be you ask?  Well, I’ve been spending all this time getting our documentation and paperwork ready for you so I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I looked like I was a hipster writer doing her thing at Starbucks?  Ok, so hipsters maybe avoid Starbucks but I’m not a hipster, I’m just a regular joe(ette) getting things done!

We’re super excited for our launch day but, as you can imagine, there’s much to get ready so that you and your furkids can experience first rate service from North Metro Pet Services.  This week we’re focused on our service documentation – keeping it short and sweet – and our Furparent contact mission.  We’ve decided that we want to offer many levels of contact so that you, the Furparent, can be super low stress while we’re caring for your furkids.

Our Furkid Report Card is coming along nicely and we’ve outlined several levels of other contact that you’ll choose from so that you receive your ideal touch points from North Metro Pet Services during the service visits.  We’ll be offering text updates, photo updates via text, email updates and even Skype or Facetime for the vacation and overnight services.  Our Furkid Report Card will be a standard souvenir from every single visit.

Well, gotta run – more writing to do and a service menu to finalize!  Oh..I bet you’re wondering about the frozen custard.  Well, I don’t eat much sugar but it sounds good – maybe you should have some for me?

Until next time…