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The first Snow of the Season! Who’s walking your furkid today?

20151111_112954We’ve been talking a bunch about holiday travel and maintaining your furkid’s routine during these busy times but your furkids have daily routines too!  Could they be more active?  More consistent?  With the cold weather fast approaching, are you less and less likely to go on that long walk your furkid loves?  Let us help!20151111_113016_010

We’re super excited for the first snow!  It’s such a beautiful thing if you step back, forget about traffic and cold and just look at the beauty of it all.  We are aware, however, that with the snow brings dark afternoons and evenings, cold weather and super busy schedules – basketball, volleyball, hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, dance, holiday parties, holiday shopping – you name it, it’s happening right now.  Let us take one very important task off your plate – once a week, once a day, twice a day – we’re here for you and your furkid all winter!

We can take your furkid on that long walk during the warmest part of the day while you’re at work so you don’t have to venture out for so long in the dark!  We’re also here for those long year end work days and exciting holiday events that take you away from home during unusual times.  Your furkids will thank you for the extra love – we know it!